Residential Garage Addition

Residential Garage Addition

commercial garage addition completed

Our largely contributed service is our experienced contractors we have on our team. The possibility to recreate the exact vision you have for your garage, our team works closely with you to ensure the outcome meets your needs. We encourage our clients to get creative and allow us to do what we love to do, remodel and change the way you look at your garage again. There are many different ways in which you can now utilize your garage, let us help you change the way you use your garage. The key of each client we assist, we are fulfilling our goal, by helping our clients get the remodel they deserve.

Why Invest in a Garage Addition

Many people have tried taking on the challenge of giving their garage a facelift, but not many are successful. The garage could be one of the most looked over part of your home when it comes to remodeling or making additions to your home. There are many benefits to having a garage where you could find what you looking for. Perhaps you wish to change your garage completely and turn it into a home office or gym, there are many things we could do with our garages these days. Our expert advice is available for you all the time, this leaving your questions always answered.

How Do I Plan For My Garage Addition

When you are looking to make an addition to your garage, an estimate of what you want helps speed up the process. Luckily when using our services, you receive a consultation of the expected garage addition. We will plan and process everything that is required to move forward with the project. Adding more space to your garage benefits many for various reasons, more storage space or maybe you just purchased a new car and you want to extend your garage. Whichever the reason for our clients requiring our service, we guarantee that our clients receive the result as they expected.

Can I Expand On An Existing Garage

Expanding a room can do many things for that room, such as opening up some space, adding more light into the room and even recreating the room completely. Lengthening or widening your garage for reasons such as wanting a double garage or maybe you are starting a band and you want to have a room where it won’t bother anyone.  The contractors that we have on our team have done an outstanding job each time they expanded on a garage, leaving our clients satisfied and excited for their latest expansion. There is no project that we cannot handle or excel at, our team is always finding new innovative ways to overcome the challenges faced when expanding.

Do I Need Planning Permission

In the event that your garage is attached to your home, it does fall under extension and would require plan approval. It is inclusive in our service to complete the plans and ensure that the plans were approved before we move forward with expansion of your garage. Planning permission isn’t required when the expansion goes according to plan. We will work closely with you to ensure that the expansion goes accordingly and that you get what you asked for. We ensure that all projects are done in a timely manner and there is no disturbance to your household.

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