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Sarah Rose McCafferty lives in Covington, Washington

Sarah is a beautiful woman who lives in kent washington


Sarah Rose McCafferty is a beautiful, capable, young woman who grew up in Kent, WA and still resides there to this day.

She was homeschooled until she went to Green River Community College in Auburn, WA, about a 20 minute drive from her home.

Quick Facts about Sarah

  • She was born on November 2, 1995, which makes her 25 as of September 2020.
  • Sarah has 3 brothers: Daniel (older), Joel (younger), and Paul (youngest)
  • Sarah loves horses and hanging out with her close friends (Katrina, Jessica & Rebekah)
  • Her favorite movie is the Princess Bride
  • She also loves 80’s TV shows such as Starsky & Hutch and the A-Team, not to mention “Macgyver”
  • Sarah is reliable, she operates best with a structured routine
  • Sarah is a “T-shirt and jeans” type of girl
  • Sarah loves to dance

But Who Am I?

But who am I?

I am a young man who cares deeply for Sarah, though she might never know it.

A few of my journal entries have been:

Number 1 Journal Entry about Sarah McCafferty


You said if I sought You I would find You! You said that You did! Please come!


I remember going to Sarah and Daniel’s open house for Sarah’s high school/GR graduation and Daniel’s college graduation. I got to talk with a group of girls as well as Mrs. A. It was fun to talk with her; she is a nice woman and a very pleasant person. It is enjoyable to catch up with friends of old. I remember how Sarah kept circulating and talking with people even though she was sick and probably did not feel like doing it. She was wearing her tie-shirt and blue jeans. I like it how she finds ways to dress attractively while still being modest. Lord, I surrender my desire for her to You. I look forward to seeing her at Christmas, but I make no advance in the meantime.


Dear Lord, I ask You to work in her during this time, bring her closer to You than she has ever been before. Give her the desire for greater depth in her relationship with You. Make her intentionally seek You out until she finds You! Drive her into a deeper knowledge of who Christ is and what He has done for her on the cross. Lord, I confess, that I want her to love me, to care for me, but if the choice has to be made, I would rather she love You with her all and forget about me. It’s hard, Lord, being so far away, not knowing what is going on in her life. I miss those conversations we would have before PTK and walking toward the parking lot and so on. Help me to let go, to trust You as You orgistrate Your perfect plan.

Journal Entry 2 about Sarah M

Lord, I don’t know what to think or what to do. I miss Sarah very much. I liked being around her much, from our conversations in her house, those minutes before PTK, those talks while walking to the cars. Those times were very enjoyable: going to that speech for AMES 100 with her, going to her open house and chatting a bit with her there, dancing with her two years ago at Rick’s dance studio (I was driving my little red truck (I miss that as well), and I would often wait until I saw her drive up with her mom (she had a learner’s permit at that point) and then I would get out and walk with them into the studio. I also remember the straight face she held when we practiced tango.) I remember the instruction her dad gave me when I talked with him to see if she had any feelings for me. Mr. M said that I should keep my eyes open and make lots of friends of the opposite gender. I have thus far found none like her. That is not a very fair statement though, for I had 5 years of developed friendship with Sarah Rose McCafferty, versus one month plus a few days with the women of the college I had just started going to. I know I am not being fair, but that knowledge does not keep me from missing her a lot! I wish I could call her on the phone and just talk for a while. Friends do not do that though. I know I need to trust You, and Your sovereign plan. Help me in this struggle! Lord, You know my desire of now for You to work in such a way for Sarah to come to care for me as much as I care for her. I do not know what Your plan is, and I think it nears selfishness to ask for You to work in that way. Oh, how I have dreamed of walking around Lake Morton holding her hand and us just enjoying being with one another, (Walking Her Home). I remember the semi formal back in March of 2011 (the one on the boat). Sarah and I talked all the way through the waiting for dinner line. I was trying to be polite and let her get her food first, eventually she made me eat mine first. Lord, I want to be open to Your desired will for my life and her life; that is why (at least one of the reasons) I talked to her dad instead of talking to her directly. I wanted to sort of protect her from my desires in a way. It is hard to describe. I remember David R, when he and I were out for coffee one day after I talked with Mr. M, he asked me why I did not ask her instead of talking with Mr. M. I found it a hard question to answer, and I still find it hard. Sometimes I think it was because I was/am afraid of her saying the feelings were not mutual. Then my mind flips back to what Mark Driscoll said in a video that I watched, “part of being a man is being rejected.” Then my mind flips to the Man Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Groom of the church. I wonder how He felt when He was rejected by His hometown? I do not think I meditate enough on how Jesus felt when He encountered that type of situations while on earth. He was 100% Man and 100% God; so He must have felt something!


I listened to the prayer at the end of the book of Eli again yesterday. I remember that night after I talked with Mr. M; I went to Fred Meyer and bought the Book of Eli. I remember I got to that ending prayer, to the point where he says, “Thank You for the friend I made; please watch over her as You’ve watched over me.” I broke down at that line. I care a lot for her.

Journal Entry 4 about Ms. Sarah Rose

This day started early, I rode nearly all day in the back of Aunt Kathleen’s van, traveling from Sioux Center to Chicago. A lot of thoughts were going through my mind as I listened to music and stared out the window and slept, a lot. It is nice to have some time to unwind, to “chill” as Grandma termed it as we chatted before the church service this evening. I thought about two main things, two relationships. Guess. How can I make sure that I am loving the Lord as much as I can while at the same time I long to live with one girl, Sarah McCafferty? “Let not the appetite of our longing slay the appetite of our living” (Jim Elliot). I was thinking about Sarah Malley’s book “Before you meet Prince Charming.” While it is written from a princess’s point of view, I was thinking about the eventual husband of the prince. He was present before, then he went away to prove himself a man, and then he came back and the king gave him the princess’s hand in marriage (and the princess wanted to be with him). It may be total foolishness, but I wonder if that could be applied in this situation. Is that what the Guide of my life intends? I shall ask Him. I think that I will act on the hope that it is. I am thinking that I will take my continual longing for Sarah, (despite my pattern of thinking (wrongly) I can get over her, and go after other girls), as the assurance that it is from God. He is teaching me to exhibit the fruit of patience by having me traverse through this situation. I cannot seem to get my mind off of her. It is not a lusting after her, it is the “this is who I want to live my life with” thoughts. I continual call to mind the second to last interaction I had with her since I left home. That night I had Beres, Katrina, Lauren and Sarah over to have fun before we all left for school. It is was so fun to play badminton next to her, and Katrina. Though we swapped teams around, we ended with the team of Katrina, Sarah and me hitting it to Lauren and Steven. It was so fun to watch them scramble in the dark to be the one who gets the birdie. Enough of the memories; know that I will never forget them.


"All these searchings and hungerings and longings that are in your heart, I tell you they are the drawings of the divine magnet, Christ Jesus." -Andrew Murray

Journal Entry 4 Concerning Sarah R. McCafferty

I was reminded again of last year. Around this time a year ago, I arrived in Psyc&100 late because I was signing up for classes for winter quarter, the quarter that I took 25 credits. I remember going into the glass room on the third floor of the SH building and calling up Mrs. McCafferty and finding out what classes Sarah was signed up for and was able to get into two of the same classes, Comm&220 (7am) and AMES 100 (9am). I don’t want to dwell in the past, but I have many a dream of being with Sarah McCafferty. I have no idea how she feels about me. I don’t know what God has planned for my life. My only responsibility is to delight myself in Him wherever I am and He will handle the rest. I guess I am in a reflective mood at the moment. I don’t want to give her up. I mean I don’t want to give up my hopes of being with her in a marriage relationship someday. Even if that would be the end destination where God leads me, I wonder what the path to that would be? Would it be dating a lot of other girls, getting to know them and then coming back after and getting reacquainted with and marrying Sarah? Would it be by holding out and waiting upon the Lord and in fits of impatience turning to Him and talking with Him, sharing my longings for her? While I do care a lot about Sarah, I love the Lord ever so much more. “If you love Me, you will obey what I command.” I want to handle everything in my life according to what He says in His Word. I want to be in His desired will. Lord, whatever it takes for Your Kingdom to be spread! If it would further Your Kingdom the most if I married Sarah, then so be it! If it would further Your Kingdom the most if I married another girl, then so be it! If Your kingdom would be most furthered if I remained single, then so be it!

Sarah Rose McCafferty is a beautiful woman.


I have known her for over 10 years now.


For years, aside from my relationship with God, see her was the utmost importance to me.


See this journal entry from a few years back:

Journal Entry 5 about Sarah

I wonder what living life in light of eternity will look like. I want to put everything I have, all my hours, all my days, all my passion and all my energy. The problem is focus. I get distracted by so many things. My mind wanders. It goes here, then there then that place that no one knows but me. I guess the real test will be living each day. God, please give me a greater desire than You have for me to live for You, to live in light of eternity. Give me direction with how to spend each hour. I do not want to waste any more time than I already have. Lord, I so do struggle with consistency. I go on for days, weeks or even a month, but after that, I begin to waver and I struggle to keep seeking You. I want to, but the flesh can seem so strong. I don’t appeal to You in those times of struggle and thus I fall. You have taught me that I can get back and start going forward again (Philippians 3:13-14), but I so wish that I would not waver at all. Please make me, drive me, break me and press me to my knees in the morning to plead with You for the power to get through the day. Make me come to You often simply because I love You. I am so used to coming to You whenever I need something, but rarely do I ever just spend time with You to spend time with You. My mind reminds me that it was also the case with my earthly father. Change my attitude towards coming to You.



I don’t know.  I have this great care for Sarah and it is really driving me insane. It is driving me crazy. I am wondering if she has the same affection for me. Mr. M said that he did not see us clicking like he and Mrs. M did at the beginning and still do. Why do I have this affection if we don’t click together? I guess the not knowing really just drives me up the wall. Some days I just want to see her again so badly… I guess it is hard to have to bury that affection while I am here at school. It is also hard because I have so many opinions to sort through. I get Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa who say that it is ok to date around, but then on the other side, Daniel Mickelson, Jesse Derooi, Daniel Hart, a lot of books, a few preachers and probably a few that I am forgetting.


I guess the other side of this is to consider what I would do if I knew that Sarah did care for me. I do not know what I would do, probably start sending her letters and hoping she replies.


The other side would be if I knew that she did not like me. I am half-tempted to negate this one for a few reasons. I guess I would hope that after seeing how much I care for her, she might warm up to me. Another would be, I hope that You would change her mind. I hope that You would either work in her to warm up to me or help me to get over her.



I have spent so much time in the past few years with her, both at her house, at IMPACT and at Green River. I do not want to look for other girls. I found the one that I want to live the life that You have given me with. I want to be in Your desired will. Help me to go on living each day.


I am so very tired. It is the same kind of tiredness that I felt when Mrs. M jokingly texted that I couldn’t come over any more and I took it seriously.


I surrender myself to what You have. I know what I want, but not my will, but Thine be done.